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Vanya Hargreeves Power, Gender, Trans, New Name, Transition

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Vanya Hargreeves is a fictional character played by actor Elliot page. The character is one of the now-most popular characters in Netflix’s action-fiction tv series, The Umbrella Academy.

Vanya Hargreeves powers

What can Vanya Hargreeves do? What powers does Vanya Hargreeves have in The Umbrella Academy? Vanya Hargreeves who is originally the Number Seven child of The Umbrella Academy has the power that can be channeled through music. They have the ability to convert sound into energy and move objects by manipulating the sound waves around them.

Vanya Hargreeves Gender

What is Vanya Hargreeves’ gender? Vanya Hargreeves is now identified as a male in The Umbrella Academy, they transitioned in Season 3 after they got a short haircut and asked everyone to call them a different name. In real life, the actor has also changed from a female to a male.

Vanya Hargreeves trans

Is Vanya Hargreeves a trans? Vanya Hargreeves is a trans character and a person played by the actor in the show.

Vanya Hargreeves new name

What is Vanya Hargreeves’ new name? Vanya Hargreeves’ new name is Viktor Hargreeves. They changed their name in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy after they got a haircut. Their siblings agreed to call them Viktor and embraced them with happiness. In real life, the actor also changed their name from Ellen Page to Elliot Page.


Vanya Hargreeves transition

When did Vanya Hargreeves transition? Vanya Hargreeves came as transgender in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, however, the actor, Elliot page came out as transgender in December 2020.

Vanya Hargreeves – Credit: Il Digitale

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