Vee Warns Kiddwaya To Exclude Her From His Social Media Shenanigans With Tolanibaj

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Big Brother Naija star, Vee, has sent out a warning to her former housemate, Kiddwaya after he involved her in a social media exchange with Tolanibaj.


Tolani had tweeted, asking Twitter CEO, Jack, about her account being verified. Kidd, whose account has been verified, reacted to her tweet, mocking her over it.

You wanna play with the big boys huh, in the big boys league“, he said, to which Tolani responded, asking him to get his boxing gloves on any time he sees her as there will be a fight between them.


Kiddwaya then responded back, saying he will be calling his back up for the fight, and then tagged Vee as that backup.

Vee then quickly reacted to Kidd’s tag but she was not happy about being included in the conversation.



She, therefore, asked Kidd to not involve her in whatever it was that he had going on with Tolani.

It will be recalled that Vee and Tolanibaj had a clash over Vee’s boyfriend Neo, during the big brother reality show and the two have not been in a good space since then, which is believed to be the reason Vee doesn’t want to have any involvement with her even as a joke.

See the tweets below…..

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