Video of Aunty Ramota in Recovery Room After Alleged BBL Surgery Surfaces Online


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A wave of concern has swept across social media platforms as a video purportedly showing Nollywood actress Aunty Ramota being wheeled into the recovery room after an alleged Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) surgery has surfaced online.


The emergence of the video comes on the heels of earlier reports indicating that Aunty Ramota had slipped into a coma shortly after undergoing the controversial cosmetic procedure.

Nigerians have been left deeply troubled by the distressing news of Aunty Ramota’s purported coma, prompting widespread discussions and expressions of worry regarding her health and well-being.

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In the midst of the online tumult, the newly surfaced video offers a glimpse into the aftermath of the alleged surgery, capturing the actress being transported into the recovery room. The footage is accompanied by audio of what appears to be her manager expressing regret over Aunty Ramota’s decision to undergo the procedure against his advice.

In the video, her manager’s voice can be heard admonishing, “I warned her about undergoing the surgery, but she was adamant and stubborn.”

The circulation of the video has only intensified the already fervent discussions surrounding Aunty Ramota’s health status and the circumstances surrounding her alleged BBL surgery.



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