Video: Omah Lay Shares Craziest Encounter With A Female Fan Who Tailed Him To His House At 3 Am For A Photo

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Singer, Omah Lay, has shared his craziest moment and encounter with a fan since his music career.

He revealed his ordeal in an interview with Hiptv, where he shared how a female fan tailed him home at 3 am for a photo.

"We Didn’t Mean It That Way" - Lady Who Threatened To R@pe Omah Lay Apologizes (Video)
Omah Lay

According to Omah Lay, he had gone for a show and when he finished performing and left the venue, the fan had apparently followed him without his knowledge.

He said, the lady tailed him to his apartment where he used to live, managed to get through his gate, and came straight to his door to knock only to ask him for a picture at about 3 am.

Whatever happened after that, he did not share but some curious fans have demanded to know what happened after the photo.

The “Godly” singer also spoke on his career sharing that, his rise in the music scene happened faster than he anticipated and gave all thanks to God. “It’s a blessing”, he said.

Watch the video below…




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