Speed Darlington has been turned into a laughing jackpot after he trolled Tuned Ednut for losing his new Instagram account.

Speed Darlington

Recall controversial blogger, Tunde Ednut entered headlines after his second Instagram account got deleted. His account was taken down after he trolled Nigerian musician Wizkid Ago. Few hours after he started his trolls, his account was taken down as a punishment for repeating the same behavior.

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Tunde Ednut

However, Speed Darlington after getting in the news descended on Tunde over his account deletion. He asked that Tunde comes for advice on how to sustain his account. Speed Darlington has also been used as a second scape on Instagram. This came after he mocked Tunde over account deactivation on Instagram.

Speed DarlingtonThis has gotten her trolls from his fans for being punished over his shades. It has been a lesson to celebrities who mock their colleagues over their downfall. This would help them to be alert in behaving well on social media.

See screenshots below: