Paul Okoye of the defunct P-square group has shared an adorable moment he had with his daughter Nadia Okoye.

In a video shared was father and daughter having a nice facetime with daddy away from home. He was touched by how his daughter loved and treated him whilst speaking with her.

Recall Peter Okoye’s twin brother was diagnosed with covid 19. He took to his page to advise his followers on the disease. Paul advised them to follow the precautionary measures put in place. Frequent checking of one’s body temperature is one of the ways to identify a sign of covid 19.

Paul Okoye

Knowing this, Nadia in a conversation with his father, made an attempt to check her father’s body temperature whilst in the video call. The father was amazed. Hence, his decision to share with his followers his joy in having such a wonderful daughter. Fortunately enough, he has recovered from the disease and is back with his family.

See screenshots below: