We are not your problem – Monalisa Chinda defends all celebs who took part in protests after fan accused them of causing deaths

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Monalisa Chinda Coker has replied to one social media user who attacked celebrities as having a hand in the deaths of some innocent youths in the EndSARS protests,

The fan wrote, “I really don’t understand what is the obsession with celebrities, shebi social media has given everyone the opportunity to become a celebrity. So build your numbers and save the world since it’s the job of celebrities to do so.
At a time like this, when tempers are high, all everyone should be doing is suing for peace. Direct your anger to the Government, you voted them into power and they earn crazy salaries from your tax and resources.”


Monalisa Chinda replied him in a repost on her Instagram page,

“When we raise our voices to support .. you turn around and curse at us!! We all are in this together!!
.. It is one thing to respect or love a certain celebrity, but people definitely should not be obsessed over them. This obsession creates unrealistic expectations of a perfect person, leads to lower self- esteem and assumes that celebrities are flawless people. well get over this crazy obsession and face your government!! We are not your problem..Peace and love❤”

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