What Democrat voted against the funding bill?


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The bill allows the government to stay open for 45 days, giving the House and Senate more time to finish their funding legislation.


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What Democrat voted against the funding bill?

Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) on Saturday joined dozens of Republicans in voting against legislation to keep the government funded, criticizing the legislation for failing to include aid for Ukraine. Quigley was the only Democrat to vote against the measure, which passed in a 335-91 vote.


House Republicans rolled out the new bill on Saturday morning after an earlier and more partisan plan that included steep spending cuts and border security measures failed to garner sufficient support in the conference Friday.

The new plan, which Republicans argued was the “clean” bill Democrats wanted, would keep the government funded at current levels, while including billions of dollars for disaster relief — in line with a previous request by the Biden administration.

Many Democrats are taking passage of the bill as a victory, compared with the prior plan pushed by House Republicans a day before that called for across-the-board cuts of about 30 percent to government funding for most nondefense programs.


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