What Did MSNBC Host Stephanie Hubbard Say?

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Stephanie Ruhle Hubbard was born on December 24, 1975. She grew up in Park Ridge, New Jersey in the United States.

Image Credit: Lehigh University

Hubbard is a product of Lehigh University. It was at this institution that she earned a B.A. in international business in 1997.

She is American. Stephanie Hubbard is the NBC News Senior Business correspondent.

She is also the anchor of Stephanie Ruhle Reports and Velshi & Ruhle. Before working at NBC, Ruhle used to work at Bloomberg.

She was managing editor and news anchor for Bloomberg Television. She was also the editor-at-large for Bloomberg News.


Ruhle was also the co-hostess of the T.V show, Bloomberg Go. Ruhle is also famous for her coverage of the London Whale story.

She was one of the three reporters who provided coverage on the story. This helped to identify the trader behind the 2012 JP Morgan Chase trading loss.

In December last, Hubbard revealed that she and her family had contracted COVID-19. She said this: “After testing positive for COVID-19, I have spent the better part of the last two weeks in bed isolating and taking all the precautions needed to protect myself, my family, and my community. My husband and my kids — they have it, too. We still don’t know how we got it, but we’re getting better, and we are very, very lucky.”

She also added: “We don’t have a vaccine today,” Ruhle said. “We have a virus that is ravaging our country, and we need to do a whole lot more to stop it. And as a person who is sick and scared, I am begging you, please take this seriously. It is not over.”

Then she continued by saying “The only way we can get through this is if we have a system that works for everyone, and after having Covid-19, I’m convinced that we do not,”.

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