What does Ashley Biden do for a living? Who is Ashley Biden’s husband? Who is Ashley Biden’s mother?

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To begin with, it is important to know these important details. Ashely Biden who is the daughter of current President Joe Biden of the United States of America is an activist, business owner, philanthropist, wife, and fierce support of her dad.

Not so much is heard about Ashley Biden. This is because she prefers to live a life that is quieter compared to her other siblings.


Who is Ashely Biden?

Ashley Biden is the second daughter of President Joe Biden. Naomi Biden her older sister along with Joe’s first wife Neilia died in a tragic car accident in the year 1972. She was born on the 8th of June, 1981 to Jill and Joe Biden.


What does Ashley Biden do for a living?

Ashley is not only an activist; she is a good person at heart. She founded the Livelihood organization after her elder brother Beau died. The company is into designing and selling clothing made in America.

This is done with the aim of all proceeds going to D.C and Delaware community organizations. The actual aim of this is to aid criminal justice reforms and also to improve childhood education as well as ameliorating economic differences.

This is what she stands for. Her passion to help as many people as she can in every way, is what makes her unique.

Who is Ashley Biden’s husband?

Ashley is married to Dr. Howard Krein. He is a surgeon and also into social work and career development as well as education. He is also passionate about social justice.

They were introduced by Beau Biden – the late brother of Ashely Biden. Dr. Krein is the Chief Medical Officer of StartUp Health. This health system aids entrepreneurs to build health and wellness firms that are sustainable.

Who is Ashley Biden’s mother?

Jill Biden is the mother of Ashely. Joe and Jill got married in 1977. However, Ashley was born in the year 1981.

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