What does John Fashanu do now? What is John Fashanu doing now?


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John Fashanu: A Journey Beyond Football


John Fashanu, the iconic English television presenter and former professional footballer, has shown that life after football can be as eventful and diverse as his days on the pitch. While his football career was filled with memorable moments, his post-retirement pursuits have taken him on an intriguing journey, making him a notable figure in various fields.

From Football Pitch to Television Screen

Fashanu’s football career spanned from 1978 to 1995, with a significant portion spent as a center-forward at Wimbledon. His prowess on the field included a historic FA Cup victory in 1988 and an impressive tally of over 100 goals in all competitions. However, his journey didn’t end with the final whistle of his last match.

Deal or No Deal Nigeria: Hosting Success

One of his notable roles post-retirement was as the host of “Deal or No Deal Nigeria,” a show that captured the imagination of viewers across the continent. Airing on M-Net Africa, the show allowed Fashanu to step into the spotlight once again, this time as a charismatic host navigating the highs and lows of the game of chance.


Continuing Sporting Connections

Retirement didn’t sever Fashanu’s ties to the world of sports. He found himself involved with the Nigeria Football Association, showcasing his enduring passion for the beautiful game. Additionally, he took on the role of chairman at the Welsh football team Barry Town for a year, adding another chapter to his sporting endeavors.

Dancing on Ice and Beyond

In 2022, Fashanu ventured into the realm of entertainment once more by participating in ITV’s hit show, “Dancing on Ice.” This unexpected move showcased his adaptability and willingness to embrace new challenges beyond the confines of his previous career.

A Versatile Journey

John Fashanu’s journey from the football pitch to the television screen and beyond demonstrates his versatility and resilience. Whether he’s hosting television shows, maintaining ties to football associations, or stepping onto the ice for a dance, Fashanu’s life after football continues to be a fascinating and evolving story.


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