What happened to Courtland Rogers? Is Courtland in Teen Mom?

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Courtland Rogers is a motivational speaker. He is also into recovery advocacy. Although he has two sons with Lindsey Frazier, his wife, he has other children.

Courtland Rogers has had his fair share of controversies, drug issues, and arrests. With Jenelle Evans, things were worse.

Courtland Rogers | Credit: Twitter

What happened to Courtland Rogers?

With so many legal issues that have surrounded Courtland Rogers, it is not a surprise that he has had jail experience over the years. So, what happened to him?


Being a motivational speaker, a lot of good character is expected from him. However, it seems that has not been the case for most people. Courtland clearly has a history of arrests. This is mostly because of drugs and assault.

In August, 2018, Courtland was arrested on the charges of assault, communication threatening, and emergency communication interference. This was during the time he was married to Jenelle. That marriage lasted for just some few months.

Is Courtland in Teen Mom?

Courtland Rogers isn’t in Teen Mom. However, he has been in it before. It was one of the reasons he gained immense fame.

Is Courtland Rogers Single?

Presently, Courtland Rogers is married to Lindsey Frazier and they have two boys together.

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