What happened to Johnny Depp’s first marriage?

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Lori Allison and Depp were friends long before Depp became a celebrity. According to The Things, Depp met Allison while he was a teenager through a band he was in.

The actor dropped out of high school and went on to perform with The Kids, achieving some success during his stint as a musician. Allison was the band’s bassist’s younger sister.

Allison and Depp agreed to marry the knot in 1983. Allison was 25 years old at the time, while Depp was only 20.


Image Credit:sidomexentertainment.com

Together, they set off on a voyage to Los Angeles in order to further their careers in the music industry.

Allison had big dreams of becoming a record producer, but after becoming half-deaf, she had to shift gears. She went on to work in the film industry as a makeup artist.

Allison was able to connect Depp with Nicolas Cage thanks to her newfound connections in the film industry.

Depp’s Hollywood career began when Cage convinced him to audition for A Nightmare on Elm Street.

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