What happened to Matthew Cutler from Strictly Come Dancing? Why did Matthew Cutler leave Strictly?


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Matthew Cutler, the celebrated dancer whose artistry and charm graced the Strictly Come Dancing stage, has been a figure of intrigue for fans and dance enthusiasts alike. Born on October 30, 1973, in Chelmsford, Essex, England, Matthew Cutler’s departure from the hit dance competition show left many wondering, “Why did Matthew Cutler leave Strictly?” Today, we delve into the intriguing details surrounding his exit.


Cutler’s journey in the world of dance began at an early age, and his passion and dedication quickly propelled him into the international spotlight. His impressive talent and captivating performances made him a household name, and his partnership with fellow dancer Nicole Cutler, whom he married in 1996, was a defining moment in his career.

Together, Matthew and Nicole Cutler became a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor, wowing audiences with their impeccable routines and undeniable chemistry. Their partnership endeared them to fans, both for their incredible dance skills and their touching personal story.

However, in 2003, news of their separation sent shockwaves through the dance community. The Cutler couple decided to part ways, both professionally and personally, marking the end of an era for the beloved dance duo. This development left many fans wondering if their breakup was the reason behind Matthew Cutler’s departure from Strictly Come Dancing.


To shed light on the matter, it’s crucial to clarify that Matthew Cutler left Strictly Come Dancing in 2009, several years after his separation from Nicole Cutler. His decision to depart from the show was primarily a result of personal choices and career aspirations rather than the end of his partnership with Nicole.

Cutler’s exit from the show came as a surprise to many, as he had become a fan favorite for his exceptional dance skills and charismatic presence. However, he expressed his desire to explore new opportunities and devote more time to other aspects of his career, such as choreography and coaching.

In the years following his departure from Strictly Come Dancing, Matthew Cutler continued to make a significant impact on the dance world. He remained actively involved in various dance-related ventures, including mentoring and teaching aspiring dancers, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the art of dance.

Today, Matthew Cutler, at the age of 49, has moved on to new horizons, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional performances and contributions to the dance community. While fans may still miss his presence on the Strictly Come Dancing stage, his decision to leave the show has allowed him to pursue a diverse range of opportunities and continue to inspire dancers and enthusiasts alike.

Matthew Cutler’s departure from Strictly Come Dancing was driven by his personal and professional aspirations, rather than his separation from Nicole Cutler. As he celebrates his 49th birthday, fans and admirers eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his remarkable journey through the world of dance.


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