What Is Cillian Murphy Gender? How Do You Pronounce Cillian?


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Cillian Murphy is a professional actor from the Island of Ireland. Cillian Murphy was the lead singer, guitarist, and lyricist for the rock band The Sons of Mr Green Genes until he turned down a record deal in the late 1990s and started acting on stage and in short and independent films.


Since then, Cillian Murphy quickly became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors in the early 2000s.

Of all the movies he has featured in, it was Cillian Murphy’s triumphant performance as Thomas Shelby in the BBC crime series, Peaky Blinders that earned him worldwide acclaim and fame.


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What Is Cillian Murphy’s Gender?

Cillian Murphy is a male but beautiful. The majority of Cillian Murphy fans appreciate his facial nature as a beauty of a woman instead of the handsomeness of a man. Truth be told, the Peaky Blinder star is beautiful both on the inside and outside.

How Do You Pronounce Cillian?

Cillian is not pronounced as it looks, rather we replace the letter ‘C’ with ‘K’ when pronouncing it. So it sounds like ‘Killian’, not ‘Cillian’.


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