What is Stewart Butterfield net worth?


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Stewart Butterfield born Daniel Stewart Butterfield is a businessman from Canada. According to Stewart Butterfield’s LinkedIn Bio, he is an entrepreneur, designer & technologist.


Stewart Butterfield is the CEO and co-founder of slack technologies. Stewart Butterfield is also a co-founder of the photo-sharing website, Flickr.

Despite the fact that Stewart Butterfield is the CEO of a technology company, he proudly majored in philosophy as an undergraduate at the Canada’s University of Victoria. Stewart Butterfield later earned a Master of Philosophy from Clare College in Cambridge.


What is Stewart Butterfield’s net worth?

Stewart Butterfield
Photo Credit: Business Insider

How much is Stewart Butterfield worth? According to the most credible source of wealth information in the world, Forbes, Stewart Butterfield is worth a whopping $1.2 billion in 2022.

According to Forbes Stewart Butterfield’s livelihood largely comes from his messaging software and investments in his self-made companies.

Salesforce paid $27.7 billion in cash and stock to acquire Slack in July 2021.



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