What kind of screen is the S24? Is S24 a titanium?


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Android fans have long appreciated the top-tier quality of Samsung phones. They’re consistently ranked among the best phones you can get, and now devotees can preorder the latest Samsung Galaxy lineup. While Samsung had its reservation deal for early birds, we’ve gathered all the best preorder deals you can currently take advantage of to help you get your hands on one without paying full price.


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What kind of screen is the S24?

Meet Galaxy S24 Ultra, the ultimate form of Galaxy Ultra with a new titanium exterior and a 6.8″ flat display. It’s an absolute marvel of design.


Is S24 a titanium?

While software features and Galaxy AI are two of the more significant upgrades to the S24 Ultra, its body still has that striking minimalistic look. According to recent information from a reliable tipster, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is anticipated to boast a 56 percent increase in strength compared to its predecessor.

This enhanced durability is attributed to the incorporation of a titanium frame and an upgraded Gorilla Glass.


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