What Nnamdi Kanu Said On Radio Biafran Yesterday Will Shock You – Read

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Extract from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Live Broadcast of Sunday 9th August 2020 on Radio Biafra

1. Opening prayers by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

2. When Aisha was telling you about her husband none of you listened.

3. Then she decided to start eating her own money. You are not ashamed her own son Yusuf is the 4th richest man in Africa.

4. And you are here talking about one Nigeria and igbo Presidency.

5. Let me tell you the problem with an igbo man,
ignorance, stupidity, jealousy, envy and greed.

6. It is only in Africa that someone will come up and say that he hate Messi or Ronaldo for no just course.

7. Why did they not allow us to have Biafra? because of Jealousy, because they have Oil and gas and they can go on being rich.

8. I never wanted to preach this tonight, but I sat here behind this microphone tonight,Eluigwe.

9. They are in the police, they are in the army and they are in civil defence, is common sense, only these people are in the 36 states.

10. What Miyetti Allah is telling you is that they are everywhere, is common sense.

11. You see the army, they are working for Miyetti Allah, sometime they have no idea.

12. Is like ISIS saying that they are forming vigilantes. The Fulanis understands the STUPIDITY of a ZOO man.

13. Had Buhari remained alive all they would have done is to hand over to another Muslim like TINUBU.

14. Do you see how they roll, because they know that you are stupid.

15. The British told them, tag IPOB a Terrorist group, you stop people from subscribing with them and you shot them down from asking for fund abroad.

16. Now do you understand, envy and jealousy is the reason those that wants to see IPOB banned were celebrating when IPOB was proscribed.

17. But you can not be like Nnamdi Kanu, you cannot be like IPOB, never.


18. Somebody wrote in 2018.” There is a proxy war going on in Niggarea. Fulani herdsman are being used to kill and oppresse other tribes .

19. There is something the world do not know and I will tell you tonight.

20. Fulani has a war chest of over billions of dollars which they use to pay off consultants all over the world.

21. Trump said “my friends are making money in Africa “.
you see, this is how they roll.

22. That is why when you go anywhere in the world, they will tell you to go away, that they want the ZOO to remain one because they don’t want to lose their billion dollars contracts.

23. Kalamad was the only woman they ZOO couldn’t buy off, and this is why her report that IPOB are being killed by Nigeria has not been released.

24. Have you ever wondered, your stupidity overrides your comon sense, something you suppose to see you cannot.

25. Thanks to Radio Biafra, people are now listening and have started to reason.

26. Every position is Fulani, does it mean that 200 million people cannot reason to understand that they have an agenda.

27. As soon as Biafra comes, you see this Universities, you will see we will turn it into secondary school, because they are not useful.

28. When Fulanis are killing IPOB you don’t see the police, but when IPOB is having their meeting then you see the police.

29. The ZOO is gone, they are messing with all of you, unless we rise up as one people, otherwise they will keep on messing with all of you.

30. We have come to the end of this broadcast and we shall continue on Wednesday, and as I said before, Biafra will come and this year of course.

31. As we always, that Biafra is our Religion, and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, Elohim Chukwu Okike puru ime ihe n’ile is our God, I thank you all for listening , from me from here, is Goodevening.


Source: Eco City Reporters

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