What Was Ukraines Eurovision Song? Did Ukraine Win Eurovision Because Of Russia?

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At the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy, Ukraine’s folk-rap group, Kalush Orchestra, performed the song “Stefania”.

Ukraine finished first place amongat 25 other participating countries. This is the third time Ukraine will be winning the contest. Previous wins include the annual song contest in 2004 and 2016.

The song ‘Stefania’ was inspired by the invasion.

Oleh Psiuk, leader of Kalush Orchestra, said:

“When the war started it began to acquire new meanings as lots of people perceived the mother in the song to be Ukraine, or became emotional thinking about their mothers. That is why I hope this song will be loved by Europeans now as well.”


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Did Ukraine Win Eurovision Because Of Russia?

It is not stated categorically if Ukraine won the contest due to the Russian invasion.

However, Ukraine garnered huge support from the rest of the continent following Russia’s invasion of the country.

Russia was barred from this year’s Eurovision contest because of the invasion.

“I think Russia not taking part in Eurovision is a very nice gesture from Europe. Maybe there are some Russians who don’t understand what is happening because of the information war. This way they will know something is wrong”, Kalush front man, Oleh Psiuk said.

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