What were Kelly Stafford’s symptoms? Does Kelly Stafford have a brain tumor?

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Kelly Stafford is the wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. When they were both students at Georgia, the two met. He was the most talented quarterback on the team.

Kelly was a cheerleader for the Georgia Bulldogs. They were engaged long before Matthew Stafford was selected as the team’s franchise quarterback with the first overall choice in the 2009 draft.

They married in 2015 and decided to start a family right away. They have four children together.

Does Kelly Stafford have a brain tumor?

In 2019, Kelly Stafford, who was in her late twenties at the time, received sad news. Doctors diagnosed her with acoustic neuroma, a slow-growing brain tumor, after an MRI.

Her tumor was connected to the nerve that connects her brain to her inner ear. That’s why she felt dizzy and light-headed while going about her daily activities.

This discovery resulted in a 12-hour surgery and a battle to get back to her old life.

What were Kelly Stafford’s symptoms?

Kelly Stafford began experiencing symptoms in January.


She stated that she would feel lightheaded and dizzy. She went to the nearest emergency room, but it didn’t help.

Matthew Stafford was concerned and sought advice from the Lions’ team physician, who suggested an MRI. The tumor was discovered during the MRI.

Kelly Stafford underwent surgery to remove the tumor, which could have resulted in hearing loss and facial paralysis.

Kelly Stafford
Kelly Stafford | Kelly Stafford/Instagram

The Staffords chose to return home for the surgery, which was performed by Dr. Byron Gregory Thompson Jr. at the University of Michigan Hospital.



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