What will the Samsung Galaxy Ring do?


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Galaxy Ring is another vehicle for Samsung to carry out its health strategy, which focuses on four specific types of health data: sleep, nutrition, activity, and stress. With the Galaxy Ring, Samsung hopes to gather that type of data in a way that’s more subtle and less distracting than a smartwatch.


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What will the Samsung Galaxy Ring do?

According to a report by ZDNet, Samsung filed a patent in February 2023 which states that the Galaxy Ring is “intended to cover the categories of wearable smart devices like a smart ring for tracking, measuring, monitoring and uploading health, fitness, and sleep-related information”.


Although specific details remain limited, this unveiling puts an end to significant speculations and officially confirms that Samsung is actively developing this innovative device.

While giving details on the new Galaxy Ring at the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung said, “Meet the Galaxy Ring, with AI technology is empowering us to stay connected, unleash our creativity, and build healthier habits all in more meaningful ways.



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