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Where is the model Iman from? How long was David Bowie and Iman married?

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Where is the model Iman from?

The model Iman is from Mogadishu in Somalia. She was born in Somalia on the 25th of July, 1955. However, she lives in the United States of America. So, she is a Somali-American. She used to be an actress, fashion model and is entrepreneurship.

She is loved for her love for people and philanthropic nature and works. She has two children namely Alexandria Zahra Jones and Zulekha Haywood.

PHOTO CREDIT: abouther.com

How long were David Bowie and Iman Married?

Iman and David Bowie were married for good 24 years before he passed away sadly. David Bowie died due to cancer. This happened in the year 2016. Truly, the love they shared was beautiful. No wonder Iman was hit badly by the death of her husband.


They dated for 2 years before they finally tied the knot and it was love all the way. Iman and Bowie made it possible for people to believe in true love for celebs. They got married on the 6th June, 1992.

Is Iman Currently Married?

Iman never got married after David Bowie, her beloved husband died.

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