Where was Monica Crowley born? Where does Monica Crowley live?


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Former Washington Times editor Monica Crowley was born in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, USA.


Where does Monica Crowley live?

Crowley currently lives in New York.

About Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley is a well known figure in American politics, with an impressive career that spans various facets of public service and media.

Formerly the United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs, Crowley showcased unwavering commitment to shaping the economic landscape of the nation during her tenure.

With a career that extends beyond politics, Crowley made significant contributions as a political commentator and lobbyist.

Monica Crowley
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Beyond the media spotlight, Crowley played a pivotal role as the former online opinion editor for The Washington Times, influencing public opinion through her editorial contributions.


Her association with the Council on Foreign Relations further underscores her global engagement in matters of foreign policy and international affairs.

Crowley earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Colgate University and a Ph.D. in international relations from Columbia University.

However, Crowley’s career faced a turning point in December 2016 when she assumed the role of deputy national security advisor for the National Security Council in the Trump administration.

Unfortunately, allegations of plagiarism related to her 2012 book and 2000 Ph.D. dissertation led to her withdrawal a month later, marking a challenging period in her professional journey.

Undeterred, in July 2019, she reemerged in the political spotlight when President Trump appointed her as the spokesperson for the Treasury Department.

On July 24, 2019, Crowley was officially sworn into office, marking a redemption in her career trajectory.



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