Who Are Chad Daybell’s Children And What Did They Say About Their Mother’s Death?

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Chad Daybell was born on August 11, 1968. He was born and raised in  Provo, Utah in the United States.

Image Credit: The Mercury News

Daybell was born to Sheila Daybell and Jack Daybell. He has a B.A. in journalism from Brigham Young University.

Daybell used to work as a gravedigger. In 2004, he founded a book company named Spring Creek Book Company.


Daybell’s book company published his religious books. He co-founded the company with a man only known as Douglas, a graphic artist and manager.

Chad Daybell first got married to Tamara Douglas, also known as Tammy in 1990. However, she died in 2019 due to natural causes.

Dayton and Tammy’s marriage produced five children. The children are Garth, Emma, Seth, Mark and Leah.

Two weeks after Tammy’s death, Dayton got married to Lori Vallow in Hawaii. In an interview granted by Dayton’s children, the children revealed that they were the ones who declined the autopsy and not their father.

They are of the opinion that their father had nothing to do with the death of their mother. Neither does he have a hand in J.J and Tylee’s death, the children of Lori Vallow.

According to the children, the coroner told that their mother had died of natural causes. They accepted the report because their mother had been in failing health.

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