Who did Andrea McArdle replace in Annie? How long did Andrea McArdle play Annie? Who was the first Annie on Broadway?

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Who did Andrea McArdle replace in “Annie”?

Andra McArdle, an American singer, and actress became popular when she was pulled from the chorus of Orphans in the popular Broadway musical to replace Kristen Vigard the original Annie in the Broadway musical “Annie”, during the show’s Connecticut tryout run.

First “Annie” on Broadway

Kristen Vigard is known for being the first actress to play the title role in “Annie” in its pre-Broadway tryout and for her two-year run as Morgan Richards on “Guiding Light” (1980–81).

Kristen was born on May 15, 1963, making her 58 years old in New York City. She is a singer, songwriter, and actor who has featured in quite a number of popular Television series.


Kristen Vigard
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In 1976, she created the title role in the musical “Annie” at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam Connecticut. However, the producers soon decided that Vigard’s genuinely sweet interpretation was not tough enough for the street-smart character.

After a week of performances, Vigard was replaced by Andrea McArdle who played one of the orphans. Vigard later went on to become McArdle’s Broadway understudy.

How Long Did Andrea McArdle play “Annie”?

Replacing Kristen, she played the role of “Annie” in the Broadway Musical in 1977 and continued playing the role for 40 performances in West End.

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