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Who does Frances end up with in Conversations with Friends?

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In Conversations with Friends, Frances gets an ultrasound, and the doctor says she has endometriosis, an incurable uterine disease that causes pain and possibly infertility.

Nick also tells her that he and Melissa are sleeping together again. Soon, Nick and Frances break things off and Frances purposely cuts herself badly.

Conversations With Friends
Image Credit: the Guardian

Who does Frances end up with in Conversations with Friends?

In the ending part, Francess tells Nick about getting back together with Bobbi, and about her endometriosis diagnosis that she’d hidden from him. She also admits the fertility issues that come with the condition.


Nick was seen crying in his car saying he wishes he had known about the condition earlier. Nick tells her he hadn’t called because she told him he didn’t want to see her anymore, not because he didn’t want to.

In the final seconds of the show, Frances makes a decision and says: “Nick? Cone and get me”.

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