Who Invented Slack?

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Slack technology was originally founded by Stewart Butterfield and his team of technology experts – Cal Henderson, Eric Costello, and Serguei Mourachov.

Stewart Butterfield who doubles as Slack’s CEO, is a long-term entrepreneur.

In 2003, Stewart co-founded Flickr, and built it into one of the largest web services in the world.

About Slack Technology

Slack is an instant messaging program that enables a community of users to communicate via voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats.

The platform was designed by Slack Technologies and was launched on August 14, 2013, before it was sold to Salesforce who acquired it in December 2020, for $27.7 billion.


Slack co-founder Cal Henderson
Photo Credit: Inc Magazine

Slack was originally founded by Stewart Butterfield (the CEO), Eric Costello, Cal Henderson, and Serguei Mourachov, with its headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA.

Initially, the idea behind the invention was to make professional and organizational communications easier. However, Slack has now become a direct messaging platform which individuals can hold private discussions.

Slack is available on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

The Slack technology is used all over the world, and the organisation itself has got presence in Dublin, Vancouver, New York City, Toronto, Denver, London, Tokyo, Pune, Paris, and Melbourne.

As of 2021, Slack was worth $27 billion, the same year, it raked in a revenue of $902 million.


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