Who Is Chad Daybell’s First Wife Tammy Daybell And What Happened To Her?

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Tammy Daybell was a mother of 5 and a wife who lived a simple life. She took good care of her children and family.

Tammy Daybell
Tammy Daybell
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What Happened to Tammy Daybell?

Tammy Daybell died at the age of 49. She was the wife of Chad Daybell and she died at their home in Idaho. When she died, it was stated that she died in her sleep in peace. During her time of death, Chad her husband declined an autopsy. So, her death was listed as a natural one.


However, investigators decided to reopen the case. So, her dead body was exhumed for more investigation and tests. This was because they suspected Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow and their quick marriage almost immediately after Tammy died. Garth Daybell said that his mom Tammy Daybell died in sleep.

The investigation of Tammy’s death has brought out an infidelity story that is linked to the death of Charles Vallow as well. He also died mysteriously and was the husband of Lori Vallow, the woman Chad Daybell married after the death of Tammy.

When did Tammy Daybell Die?

Tammy Daybell died on the 19th of October, 2019. However, the irony of this has to do with the marriage of Chad Daybell just two weeks after her death. Tammy and Chad had 5 children together.

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