Who Is Curtis Keith Bankston And Why Has The Pastor Been Arrested?

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Who Is Curtis Keith Bankston And Why Has The Pastor Been Arrested?

Curtis Keith Bankston, a Georgia clergyman, and his wife managed an unlicensed group home in Griffin.

Blankson is currently being investigated by authorities after it was discovered that they habitually imprisoned their crippled “patients” in a basement against their will, according to police.

Curtis Keith Bankston, 55, was arrested and taken into custody for false imprisonment in Spalding County.

According to police, the operation was discovered early Thursday morning. According to authorities, firefighters were dispatched to a home on Valley Road to assist paramedics in treating a resident who was experiencing a seizure.



Because the basement door was double-key deadbolt secured, first responders had to crawl through a window to get to the patient. This piqued fire authorities’ interest, prompting them to call the cops.

The property had been leased to the couple for 14 months. Investigators discovered that Bankston pretended to be a preacher and used his wife’s cooperation to confine the inhabitants in the facility.

The victims’ income, medications, and governmental assistance were all under the control of the pair.

According to authorities, Simm-Bankston will face charges, and Bankston will face additional charges pending both investigations.


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