Who Is Edgar Ivan Galindo Diaz? Apple Valley hit-and-run crash driver arrested

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Edgar Ivan Galindo Diaz, an Apple Valley resident, was involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed two children on July 2.

On July 7, the CHP discovered the ATV at Galindo Diaz’s home in Apple Valley.

“Based on the investigation and the recovery of the 2021 Polaris, an arrest warrant was issued for Galindo Diaz.

“The California Highway Patrol will work with the District Attorney’s Office in San Bernardino County to ensure that the appropriate applicable charges are filed in this case.”


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On July 12, 2022, Mr Galindo Diaz surrendered to authorities at the California Highway Patrol, Victorville Area, and was arrested and booked for felony hit and run “according to the department

Galindo Diaz’s ATV allegedly struck and killed 12-year-old Jacob Martinez and critically injured 11-year-old Christina Bird on Saturday, July 2 night.

The two kids were best friends. Christina was taken off life support at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, July 2022 after doctors declared her brain dead.


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