Who is Enoch Thrawn? Who is Enoch in Star Wars? What race is Thrawn in Star Wars?


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Grand Admiral Thrawn has returned in Thrawn: Treason, and there’s a reason fans are buzzing about him. One of the most beloved Legends characters, in recent memory he has antagonized the Ghost crew as a major villain in Star Wars Rebels, and both charmed and manipulated his way into alliances with Anakin Skywalker and Eli Vanto in Timothy Zahn’s new novels. But if you’re just getting to know the brilliant tactician, here you can take a look at how he became the infamous Grand Admiral.


Thrawn is the Sherlock Holmes of the Star Wars universe, but his role is pure Moriarty: he’s a villain who uses his powers of observation to control and manipulate his enemies.

He uses his interest in the art and culture of varied species to his own advantage, pinpointing weaknesses based on his deductions. His own personal history spans several eras of Star Wars, from his first encounter with the Republic during the Clone Wars to his longstanding career with the Empire.



Who is Enoch Thrawn?

Enoch Is the Captain of Thrawn’s Guard – But There’s Much More to These Troopers. As we can quickly attest, Thrawn’s Stormtrooper legion isn’t a normal one.

Who is Enoch in Star Wars?

Captain Enoch is Thrawn’s new henchman in Ahsoka and is unlikely to betray him as Rukh did in Legends. Ahsoka is taking a different approach to the Thrawn Trilogy and the current canon is focused on creating new characters and storylines.

What race is Thrawn in Star Wars?

Grand Admiral Thrawn
Mitth’raw’nuruodo Grand Admiral Thrawn
Species Chiss
Gender Male
Title Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy Agent of the Chiss Ascendancy Senior Captain
Occupation Grand Admiral Admiral Commodore Commander of the Seventh Fleet


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