Who Is Evan McPherson’s Wife Gracie Groat?

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Gracie Goat is engaged to star Evan McPherson.

Evan McPherson is an American professional football player who is a kicker for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League.

Gracie Goat is an Auburn University student who has been dating Evan since he was in ninth school.

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Gracie Goat and Evan McPherson got engaged in 2021 and an excited Gracie took to Instagram in July 2021 to announce her engagement to Evan McPherson to her followers.


Gracie Goat has approximately 5,000 Instagram followers, and she has a number of images with Evan McPherson.

Gracie Groat is also an athlete. Gracie Goat is a graduate of Alabama High School and has numerous records, including 4-0 in the high jump, 29-3 in the triple jump, 1.05.23 in the 400-meter dash, and many others.

According to numerous sources, Gracie Goat competed in the Alabama Compulsory State Championships in 2012, as well as the Veterans Day Classic, Pirates of the Cahaba, Bounders Beach Bash, and other events.

Gracie Goat is currently pursuing her higher education at Auburn University, where she works as a fitness coach and content developer alongside her sister, Maggie Groat.

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