Who is G-Eazy’s mother Suzanne Olmsted?

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On Wednesday November 24, 2021, G-Eazy announced that his beloved mother, Suzanne Olmsted had passed away.

Though he did not reveal his mother’s cause of death, the rapper wrote that he knows his mother is no longer in pain.

Who is G-Eazy’s mother Suzanne Olmsted?

Suzanne Olmsted described herself as an “artist”, “transformer”, and “magician”. Suzanne Olmsted left her husband when G-Eazy was still a child and raised him together with his brother on her own in Oakland, California.

Suzanne Olmsted was very close to G-Eazy and in 2017, she opened up about her relationship with him.


“I was not a soccer mom. Gerald was such a bundle of energy and had focus from such an early age; it was wonderful. As an artist, to be part of it – to recognize I had this intensely creative son – I felt an obligation to be supportive”.


“I believe all children should be exposed to music. I found a very good piano teacher for him when he was in first grade.”

“As hip-hop and rap entered his world by the age of 11 or 12, I came up with a plan that I didn’t limit what he could listen to. I told him, ‘You can buy any CD you want, but at 9 o’clock we shift to classical music.”

G-Eazy described his mum as “the definition of super-human” and someone who “will always be my biggest inspiration.”

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