Who Is Hayden Burns And Who Are His Shooting Victims?

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Hayden Burns is a 15-year-old teenager. He shot and killed his older sister, Kayley and her friend, Kadience Cadena.

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Hayden’s victims were both 17 years. Their bodies were found in a house in Harris County, Texas, near the 4500 block of Wolcek Road in Crosby.


The bodies were discovered by a family member who was looking for someone. He then alerted local authorities on Tuesday afternoon about the tragic incident.

Hayley’s body was found in the hallway. Kadience and Hayden’s bodies, on the other hand, were discovered in separate bedrooms.

A firearm was also discovered at the scene. According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, it can be inferred that Hayden killed himself after murdering his sister and her friend.

The gun discovered at the scene appears to be the weapon used. But the Police say there will be a forensic investigation to ascertain what truly happened.

What remains certain however, is that Hayden’s cause of death was suicide while that of his sister and her friends was murder.

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