Who Is Hilary Korzon? All What You Need To Know About Steven Crowder’s Wife


Hilary Korzon was a political science student at Calvin College. Two years after completing her bachelor’s degree in Political Science, the beautiful daughter of a furniture store owner married the dashing Steven Crowder in a beautiful ceremony in Michigan.

We all know everything there is to know about the conservative political commentator Steven Crowder but so less about his other half, other than the fact that she is his life partner. Let’s find out more about Steven Crowder wife Hilary Korzon.

Hilary Korzon was born on 1st January 1987 as Hilary Beth Korzon in Michigan, to Timothy Korzon and his wife Sharon Korzon. Steven Crowder’s wife Hilary Korzon is a god loving Christian who has an older sister by the name of Shanna Korzon (now Shanna Anderson). Shanna is about five years older than Hilary Korzon.  They were both raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann Arbor is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan and the county seat of Washtenaw County. It is the sixth-largest city in Michigan in terms of population. Their parents, Timothy Korzon was born in 1948 and his wife Sharon Korzon in 1951.

Where did Hilary Korzon attend College?

Both Hilary and Shanna attended Calvin College in the state of Michigan. Calvin College is a liberal arts college located in Grand Rapids, Michigan which was founded in 1876. It seems like destiny that Steven Crowder wife chose Political Science as her major in college. She graduated in the class of 2010 before she married Steven Crowder.

Steven Crowder and Hilary Korzon marriage photo                                            Photo Credit: edailybuzz

Where does Hilary Korzon work?

Hilary Korzon then started working in her father’s furniture store which goes by the name Leland International. Leland International is known primarily as a chair company but has expanded into tables. Products tend to fall into the medium to premium price points. With a workforce of fewer than 50 employees, the company depends on outside experts from designers to marketers to help bring its furniture to market. Leland International remains a family-owned business. Tim Korzon, a craftsman and designer, launched the business in 1992 with the introduction of his Marquette chair.


Hilary worked as the vice president of Sales and Marketing at Leland International.

Hillary Korzon
Hilary Korzon at Leland International                                                                 Photo Credit: edailybuzz

Steven Crowder & wife Controversy

They were caught in a controversy with Community High School when they misguided the students and took their interview footage for a show on Fox News.

It so happened that Steven Crowder went and interviewed several students of the Community High School outside their school premises. He told them that the interview was part of a survey. He asked them whether they have used marijuana and would like it to be legalized.

As Steven was interviewing some senior class students, Hilary Korzon was in the back lawn of the school mobilizing students for the interview. She told them that the interview was for a small blog.

It was later that the students came to know that it has been put as an 8-minute video on Fox News Channel and was titled Marijuana! The Truth! They were angry, upset, and felt betrayed.