Who Is Joe Budden’s Girlfriend Shadee Monique?


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If you love music, you definitely will know about Joe Budden. He is clearly an amazing rapper and the best podcast host you can find around. Sadly, his personal life hasn’t been as smooth as his working life.


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Currently, there are rumors that he is in a serious intimate relationship with Shadee Monique. The truth is that; his followers love this idea. They wish due to the beauty and unique shape of Shadee, she is able to keep Joe grounded.

What started the rumors of the two?

Well, all these began when Shadee Monique was seen twerking on Joe Budden at a party. However, their flirting on Instagram confirmed things for all.


Who is Shadee Monique?

From Houston, Texas, Shadee is an entrepreneur. She owns her very own clothing boutique. So, she isn’t just a beauty with a hot body. She has a business mindset.

Nyzuree is the name of her clothing boutique. She caters more to Instagram models through her clothing boutique.

Who is Joe Budden?

Joseph Anthony Budden III aka Joe Budden relocated to Jersey City in the year 1999. This move was made when he was a teenager. He was able to move and work his way to the top.

In the year 2013, he came into limelight. This was when he hit the world with a mixtape he made himself and titled himself too. It was after that he started to collaborate with some other famous names and he just hit it.

Over the years, he has had his own ups and downs. For instance, his angel dust addiction which led to him being taken to rehab in the year 1997, and so on.

The Cyn twist

Currently, Joe Budden still denies a breakup between he and Cyn Santana, the mother of his child. Well, there will definitely be more to tell soon.


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