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Who Is Meat Loaf’s Ex-Wife Leslie Aday? Leslie Aday Age, Net Worth, Biography, Wiki

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Leslie Aday, the ex-wife of Meat Loaf, is an American actress who is only known to many people due to her relationship with Meal Loaf. Leslie Aday and Meat Loaf exchanged vows with each other in 1979, and their marriage officially ended in 2001.

Leslie Aday and Meat Loaf had two daughters in their 22 years of marriage and the names of their children are Amanda Aday and Pearl Aday. Leslie Aday was previously called Leslie Gay Edmonds and she is from Virginia.


Meat Loaf and Leslie Aday
Meat Loaf and Leslie Aday
Image Source: Famous Fix

Leslie Aday had another daughter, Pearl, before her marriage with Meat Loaf and she worked as a secretary at Bearsville Studios

Leslie Aday Age

How old is Leslie Aday? Leslie Aday was born on May 21, 1951, hence she is 70 years of age.

Leslie Aday Net Worth

How much is Leslie Aday worth? The estimated net worth of Leslie Aday is $2 million.

Leslie Aday Biography

Leslie Aday is a 70-year-old American actress who came into the limelight due to her marriage with Meat Loaf.

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