Who Is Meera’s Daughter In Blacklist? Who Is The New Female Agent On The Blacklist?


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As the highly anticipated 10th and final season of NBC’s spy drama The Blacklist approaches, fans are eager to learn about the new additions to the Special Task Force and the intriguing characters they will bring to the show. One character who will fill the gap left by the departure of two agents is Siya Malik, portrayed by Anya Banerjee.


Siya Malik is an operative with Britain’s MI6 and the daughter of CIA agent Meera Malik, who was tragically murdered in Season 1 during an operation with Donald Ressler. In the upcoming season, Siya’s introduction will shed light on her character and her unique background. TV Insider has provided an exclusive first look at Banerjee’s first scene in the Season 10 premiere, giving fans a glimpse into Siya’s intelligence and her vast knowledge of top-secret information, thanks to her mother’s firsthand experience.

Banerjee describes Siya as a quick-witted, funny, and skilled character with a lightness and vitality that contrasts with the darkness of her vocation. Like her mother, Siya has a knack for understanding people’s motives and carries a personal agenda of uncovering the truth behind her mother’s death. This creates internal conflicts for her as she navigates the moral gray areas of her work throughout the season.


Having grown up as a fan of The Blacklist, Banerjee feels honored to have her first US television role on the show. In preparation for her role, she watched the first season with special attention to Parminder Nagra’s portrayal of Meera Malik. Banerjee felt a kindred spirit with the character and idolized Nagra as an actress.

Working alongside James Spader, Banerjee describes the experience as a masterclass and expresses gratitude for the warm welcome she received from the cast. As the only woman on the team, she admires Siya’s resilience and strength in a sometimes male-dominated profession. Siya uses the underestimation she faces as motivation to pursue the truth about her mother’s fate.

Siya’s arrival coincides with a dangerous time for the Task Force, as the escaped terrorist Wujing gathers other criminals to seek revenge on Red Reddington, the international crime boss turned secret FBI informant. The season promises familiar faces, an unprecedented danger for Reddington and the Task Force, and the unveiling of a larger conspiracy.

As Siya joins the team, it becomes evident that underestimating her would be a grave mistake. Banerjee reveals that when push comes to shove, Siya is capable of getting the job done. Fans can look forward to witnessing Siya’s relentless pursuit of the truth while navigating the high-stakes world of espionage in the final season of The Blacklist.


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