Who is Michael Mosley? All About the TV presenter missing on Greek island of Symi


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Michael Mosley is a British television journalist, producer, and presenter known for his work on BBC since 1985.


Graduating from medical school, he transitioned to television, focusing on biology and medicine.

Mosley has authored books advocating for intermittent fasting and low-carbohydrate diets, particularly promoting the ketogenic diet.

Early Life

Born in Calcutta, India, Mosley attended boarding school in England before studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at New College, Oxford. Initially working as a banker in London, he later pursued medicine at the Royal Free Hospital Medical School.


After joining the BBC in 1985, Mosley produced and presented various science programs, including collaborations with Professor Robert Winston and hosting documentaries like “Blood and Guts” and “The Story of Science.” Notably, he explored topics ranging from psychology to exercise physiology.

In recent years, Mosley has ventured into series like “Lose a Stone in 21 Days,” which garnered controversy for its calorie-restriction approach. He’s known for his investigative approach to health and wellness topics.


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Personal Life

Mosley is married to Clare Bailey, a GP, and they have four children. Chronic insomnia has been a challenge for Mosley, as he revealed in a BBC documentary on sleep. He authored “Fast Asleep” in 2019.


On June 5, 2024, Mosley’s wife reported him missing while they were vacationing with their children on the Greek island of Symi.

Mosley was last sighted by his wife as he embarked on a hike from St Nikolaos Beach (Agios Nikolaos) towards their hotel, located approximately 2–3 km away, at 13:30 EEST (UTC+03:00).

The temperature at that time was recorded to be over 35°C / 95°F. The family had reached the beach by boat, and the path back to Pedi was described as steep, rocky, and rutted.

Upon his failure to return to the hotel by 19:30, his wife raised the alarm and notified the authorities. A search and rescue operation was promptly launched, involving local residents, police, fire crews, and law enforcement from Athens.

The search encompassed the tracks and paths that Mosley might have taken on foot, extending into the following day without success. Additional resources, including search dogs, helicopters, and advanced equipment, were scheduled for deployment on June 7. As of now, Mosley remains unaccounted for.


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