Who Is Robert Sarver’s Wife Penny Sanders? Penny Sanders Net Worth, Age

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Penny Sanders is the wife of Robert Sarver. Robert Sarver is an American businessman. Also, he is the co-founder of Southwest Value Partners, and owner of Phoenix Suns, and RCD Mallorca. So, who is

Penny Sanders apart from being a wife? She is from Kansas City. They have been married since the year 1996.



Penny Sanders Net Worth

There is no info about the net worth of Penny Sanders online. The family has been able to keep that away from the public successfully so far.


Wikipedia, however, posted that the total net worth of her husband was at $400 million. This was in the year 2019. However, nothing about her.

Penny Sanders Age

The age of Penny Sanders is also not known even on her social media accounts.

How did they meet?

Robert and Penny met in Scottsdale. This was in the year 1991. After they dated for four years, they got married on the 2nd of November, 1996. They have been together since then. They currently live in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Penny Sanders University Education

Penny Sanders attended the University of Oklahoma where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business in the year 1990. She, however, moved to Phoenix after graduation.

While in Phoenix, she worked as a textbook marketer at Phoenix University. This job was with Prentice-Hall.

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