Who is the number one liar in the world?


If you asked a Christian who the number one liar is, he or she will tell you the devil. However, most people would want to believe to see a liar they can touch and see. So, the world’s biggest liar competition is held every year in November at Bridge Inn.

The contest is a tribute to 19th-century pub landlord Will Ritson, (1808-1890) a character famed locally for his ability to spin a dubious tale. One of his most notorious tales was that locally grown turnips were so large that, once hollowed out for dinner, they could be used to house a sheep.


Photo Credit: BBC

A Bishop of Carlisle was supposed to have once won the competition with the shortest-ever speech; he simply said, “I have never told a lie in my life.” Comedian Sue Perkins won the competition in 2006, marking the first time in the event’s history that a woman won the competition.

The current holder is Phillip Gate from Workington. He won in 2019 with a story about how Cumbria is rich not only in coal deposits but also sugar, which is the reason for the county’s large jam production.