Who Is The Richest Liberian Now


Benoni Urey is currently the richest man in Liberia with an estimated net worth of $33 million as of 2020. Benoni Urey was declared the richest man in Liberia since 2014 by The Economist and he has retained his stand as the richest man in Liberia since.

Benoni Urey is an American-Liberian businessman and politician who was formerly the Liberian Commissioner of Maritime Affairs. Benoni Urey was born on 22 June 1957 to Daniel Urey and Emma Urey. Benoni being a key figure in Liberia has not revealed information concerning his childhood.


Benoni Urey currently owns Lonestar Communication Corporation which is Liberia’s largest mobile phone service provider. The Lonestar Communication Corporation is partnered with the MTN Group. Lonestar Communication Corporation has been recognized as the highest taxpayers in Liberia.

Benoni Urey is also into agricultural farming. He established an agricultural farm and resort in Careysburg City, Wulki farms, and Farmers Paradise Resort. Love Media Incorporated is one of the firms owned and established in 2003 solely by Benoni Urey. The company comprises of radio and television stations and a newspaper distributing company.

Benoni Urey being the richest man in Liberia has also invested in real estate. He currently owns a real estate company called U-Housing. The U-Housing company was established in 1994 when Benoni Urey returned to Liberia.

Benoni Urey has also expressed his interest in politics of which he stands to be elected into the office of the president but loses to his opponent.