Who Is Wade Miley’s Wife Katy Miley?

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Born on the 13th of November, 1986, Wade Miley is a Major League Baseball player. He currently plays for the Houston Astros as a pitcher.

He is married currently to Katy Miley and they have a son together.


Who is Katy Miley?

Katy Miley is first and foremost, the wife of Wade Miley. She seems like a country girl and this can be seen clearly through some of her pictures available.


She seems to love having a good time in the wood four-wheeling. Also, although very beautiful, she isn’t into too much fashion sense. She glams up when it is needed.

Katy isn’t so interested in the fame. All she does is see some games her husband plays from time to time and take very good care of her family.

Katy and Wade in philanthropy

She was in attendance with Wade to help gather some cash for the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation. This is one of the ways athletes and their wives help in one way or the other.

Currently, Wade is with the Houston Astros. There have not been many controversies surrounding the career of Wade Miley. Also, their marriage hasn’t come into the news for any negative

Unlike other athlete wives who are always in the news for weird reasons, Katy seems to be a bit laid back and shows up when it is needed.


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