Who owns Loganair? Is Loganair owned by British Airways?


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The intricate web of airline ownership often sparks intrigue among passengers and aviation enthusiasts alike. When it comes to Loganair, the largest regional airline in the UK, one common question surfaces: Who owns Loganair? Speculations have occasionally swirled around a potential British Airways connection. Let’s uncover the ownership structure of Loganair and put to rest the notion of its affiliation with British Airways.


Loganair: An Independent Entity Contrary to the conjecture that Loganair is owned by British Airways, the truth unveils a distinct narrative. As a Scottish airline with a history dating back to its establishment in 1962, Loganair has forged its path as an independent entity. The airline’s origins are rooted in the vision of Willie Logan, who founded Loganair as the air charter arm of the Logan Construction Company Ltd.

Evolution of Ownership Throughout its storied history, Loganair has navigated various ownership structures. Between 1968 and 1983, the company experienced ownership under the Royal Bank of Scotland. Subsequently, Loganair transitioned through phases, acquiring a diverse fleet that catered to the evolving demands of regional travel. The airline’s commitment to connectivity and service earned it recognition as a key player in the regional aviation landscape.


A Decade of Transformation In 1993, Loganair became a franchisee of British Airways, operating its routes with British Airways branding. However, this arrangement would later shift in 2008, when Loganair became the franchisee of Flybe. This period of affiliation with Flybe marked a chapter of evolution and expansion, solidifying Loganair’s position as a significant regional carrier.

Present and Future As of today, Loganair is owned by the Bond brothers, Stephen (age 72) and Peter Bond (age 61). The existing owners have expressed their intention to find a suitable buyer who will carry forward the legacy of Loganair for the next generation. This potential sale, announced in October 2022, underlines the airline’s commitment to ensuring its continuity and growth.

Clarifying the British Airways Connection While Loganair operated as a franchisee of British Airways in the past, it is essential to clarify that the airline is not currently owned or affiliated with British Airways. Loganair’s journey has been one of independence, adaptability, and innovation, as it continues to provide crucial regional connectivity to passengers across the UK.

In summary, Loganair stands as an independent airline with a rich history and a commitment to serving regional travel needs. As the aviation landscape evolves, Loganair remains poised to embrace new horizons while staying true to its origins.


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