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Who played Perry in the Wanderers? Meet Tony Ganios


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In the classic 1979 film “The Wanderers,” one of the standout characters is Perry, portrayed by the talented actor Tony Ganios.


Tony Ganios brought Perry to life with his remarkable performance, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. As Perry, Tony Ganios embodied the tough and loyal friend of the main characters in “The Wanderers.”

Tony Ganios’ portrayal of Perry added depth and authenticity to the film’s depiction of friendship, loyalty, and camaraderie amidst the challenges of growing up in a tough neighborhood.


Tony Ganios
Tony Ganios
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Tony Ganios’ portrayal of Perry showcased his versatility as an actor, earning him praise from both audiences and critics alike.

His memorable performance contributed to the enduring popularity of “The Wanderers” and solidified Tony Ganios’ status as a talented actor in Hollywood.

Beyond “The Wanderers,” Tony Ganios has appeared in various other films and television shows, showcasing his range and talent as an actor.

However, Tony Ganios’ portrayal of Perry remains a standout moment in his illustrious career.


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