Who played the hot guy in Mean Girls? Why is Mean Girls rated 18?


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In the iconic movie “Mean Girls,” the charming character Aaron Samuels was brought to life by actor Jonathan Bennett.


His portrayal left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Since then, Bennett has graced both the big and small screens, showcasing his talent in a range of roles.

In a significant personal revelation, he openly shared his identity as gay in 2017, adding depth to his own story and the character he once played.

Bennett’s journey highlights the importance of authenticity and representation in the entertainment industry, resonating with fans who admire his courage and talent.


Mean Girls
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Why is Mean Girls rated 18?

The movie “Mean Girls” may seem like it’s only for adults, but it’s actually rated PG-13 by the MPAA in the US.

This means it’s meant for kids over 13, though with parental guidance. It contains mild sexual content with suggestive talk, some swearing, and shows teens drinking.

While it deals with serious topics like bullying, its rating indicates it’s not extreme enough for an 18+ label. So, while it’s not for really young viewers, teens can watch it with caution.

It’s a reminder that even though it’s a comedy, it still touches on important issues for young people.


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