Andrei Zakharov and Vladimir Putin

Who Was Andrei Zakharov? Putin’s Top Commander Killed In Ukraine


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Andrei Zakharov, a top commander of the Russian security force has been killed at the Brovary area of Kyiv in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Andrei Zakharov served as commander of a Russian tank regiment and his death is attributed to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Andrei Zakharov was quite popular in the Russian dispensation but was not in the spotlight in other nations of the world. Andrei Zakharov received an Order of Courage by Vladimir Putin in 2016 due to his great works in the Russian military.


Military Armored Car
Military Armored Car
Image Source: REUTERS

Other military personnel have come out to seek forgiveness for the damages caused and some are also ready to receive the punishment for their offences.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a lot of disturbances and issues which has brought about many deaths, several injuries and massive destruction of properties. Although there has been a meeting between the parties involved, it seems no agreement has been met and the war is still in progress.



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