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William “Billy” Hinsche was an American musician born on June 29, 1951, in Manila, the Philippines, and raised in Beverly Hills.


The mid-60s saw his successful team-up with friends Dino Martin, Jr. and Desi Arnaz, Jr. to form the pop musical trio, Dino, Desi & Billy. He later joined The Beach Boys with whom he toured for a number of active years.

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He was married to Martha Faith Nessel, and later with Juliette Colden, each of whom he was not married to for long.

Billy Hinsche Net Worth

Billy Hinsche, as of 2020, had a net worth estimated between $1 million and $5 million.

Billy Hinsche Songs

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During his time with Dino, Desi & Billy, The Beach Boys, and his career outside the band, Hinsche had a list of song hits to his credit as composer. Some of them were Ride That Wave, Me and My Pillow, Carlatta Said, Don’t Know Why, Juliette, and featuring his DD&B team, A Certain Sound, What a Shame, General Outline and Tell Somebody That You Love Them.


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Billy Hinsche Parents

Hinsche’s parents were Otto “Doc” Hinsche and Cecilia Hinsche. Otto owned a casino.

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Billy Hinsche Death

Hinsche, at 70, lost his life on Saturday, November 30, after painfully battling a giant cell carcinoma. He passed away within hours of his 95-year-old mother Celia’s passing in the same hospital, according to his close friend Lucie Arnaz.


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