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Who Was Comedian Derrion ‘Dmuney’ Childs?

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Modern-day social influence is a hot pursuit for young adults who will do anything in their bid to get massive followers. It often feels good, until the cost of leaving muddy digital footprints on the internet is a bit of a shocker.

Meet the case in point: a self-made comedian with a social media presence.

Derrion Childs aka DMuney, aged 21, was a comedian, rapper, and social media personality from Memphis, Tennessee.

Photo Credit: via Facebook

With 16.9k Instagram followers and more than 3,400 followers on Facebook, Derrion made quite an impression in the entertainment circle of Memphis with a series of comedy skits he uploaded. In August 2020, he released a single and a music video in addition.

On November 25th, Say Cheese TV’s Instagram page posted news announcing Derrion’s death, hinting at a connection with the rapper allegedly making a mockery of fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph’s death on the internet.

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