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Who Was Gretta Vedler? Model Found Dead In A Suitcase After Calling Putin A “Psychopath”

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Gretta Vedler is a 23-year-old model. Her corpse was found in a suitcase more than a year after she went missing.

She was killed one month after she posted on social media calling President Vladimir Putin a psychopath and forecasting his drive to enhance the integrity of Russia would end in tears.

Image Credit: BOL news

Her boyfriend, Dmitry Korovin has confessed more than a year later to strangling her to death after a row over money in Moscow unrelated to her political views and analysis of Putin’s mind and motives.


Dmitry told the police investigators that he slept in a hotel room with her corpse deposited in a new suitcase and then drove 300 miles to the Lipetsk region and left it in the boot of a car for more than a year.

It was Gretta’s male friend who got suspicious and found a friend in Moscow to file a missing person case triggering the search for her.

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